The cosmetics market of today is gravitating towards the growing trend t o promote health and well-being. With growing awareness by consumers about the therapeutic values of organics and essential oils a transformation is taking place in the cosmetics industry. Alongside of the mainstream anti-aging campaigns a new theme has emerged from within the cosmetics industry ‘pushing’ the promotion of the therapeutic benefits of organics and essential oils. Therein plays the psychology of Brand Management, as these ‘goliaths’ message therapeutic values of their lines to their loyal consumers, who are then willing to pay more for products. Demand increases, profits in tandem thus growth and expansion of new product lines arrive.

Take notice though. A ‘little voice’ is emerging from aromatherapy specialists and is bound to become a force to be reckoned with very soon. Many small businesses have sprung up in the past decade offering pure botanical products, selling essential oils and organics. A new trend is on the horizon: a trend turning customers to specialists who can provide better health and well-being solutions tailored to meet individual needs without the over head of corporate infrastructure. Savvy customers will trade loyalty from Brand to tailored health and well being solutions from the specialists.

A-RomaRose offers tailormade services knowing that each of their clients are unique and deserve aromatherapy treatments designed to suit their individual needs taking account skin code, health and wellbeing.

We are business that is also committed to raising awareness about the healing, restorative power of aromatherapy. Our business ethos aims to raise the profile of aromatherapy through its ‘Nature Knows’ events.