Founder June Swain-Phillips

MSc, BSc Honours, Change Management Professional, APMG Registered Practitioner
Diploma Advanced Aromatherapy, AHCP Registered Practitioner

Let me provide you with an introduction to myself and why I have been inspired to launch the A-RomaRose business. My journey in making the decision to study aromatherapy is quite different to many who study this complementary therapy. I have had a corporate career, spanning 24 years, working in the retail sector in various roles delivering business transformation initiatives. Throughout my corporate career aromatherapy is the complementary therapy I have turned to for relaxation; aromatherapy treatments mean ‘chill-out’ time from the fast pace and high pressures of working life.

My research into aromatherapy began about 7 years ago when my mother, Roma Rose, suffered a severe stroke resulting with both cognitive impairment and partial loss of sight. With the progression of time there were further step changes in my mother’s health that led to her need for nursing care. It was at this point I took the decision to step away from corporate life and support my mother in every way possible. One outcome of this decision was learning about the benefits of aromatherapy.

At first I researched many medical publications, reviewed numerous websites, sought opinions from the care industry profession and investigated the benefits of several essential oils whose profile had been raised as being therapeutic for those living with cognitive impairment. After months of research, it became apparent that I needed to study aromatherapy in depth; not only understand properties of essential oils but to learn how aromatherapy could benefit a person living with the effects of a stroke. I had a compelling reason to study; to learn the art of sensory communication and help my mother.

Now as a qualified aromatherapist and registered practitioner, I work on community projects within the care sector and alongside of registered charities to raise the awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy for those living with permanent effects of a stroke. Aside of this, I work as an aromatherapist for A-RomaRose, a business that offers tailor made products and consultations to its clients that aim to improve to health and well being.