What Is A Treatment Plan?

A treatment plan is as individual as a client. It is a course of treatments which may comprise of aromatic massage and facial treatments. A plan is flexible, it is a schedule for a course of treatments over an extended period lasting until results are sustainable. Your therapist will be assigned to you for the duration of your treatment plan to ensure continuity of service. We aim to provide you with assurance and give you peace of mind that our therapist remains responsive to progress throughout your treatment plan.

When Would You Consider A Treatment Plan?

We would recommend a treatment plan if you are looking to achieve long term results from aromatherapy to address on-going problematic symtoms affecting your state of health and wellbeing or if your aim is to improve the condition of your skin health.

Lifestyle, state of fitness, emotional wellbeing and working environment may all contribute to levels of
o Stress, anxiety and tension
o Muscular tension, aches and pains
o Complexion, skin texture and reduce the effects of scarring
o Mental and emotional wellbeing
o Sleeping patterns
o Fatigue and ability to relax
o Respiratory infections
Over a period of time there may well be a build-up of a combination of symptoms that can often be better treated by complementary therapy and in particular through aromatherapy.

Please note that treatment plans offered by A-RomaRose are not intended as a substitute for either medical advice or medical treatment.