About Client Consultation

No two client treatments will be the same. Each client need may stem from a different perspective and it is the role of the therapist to review why a treatment is being requested and how best to serve our client using aromatherapy as a complementary therapy.

Our view is that a consultation is an essential starting point for a client. During the consultation your therapist will identify whether you are aiming to address a specific concern and have turned to complementary therapy; alternatively if you are in search of a health maintenance or stress relief treatment plan. As part of any consultation we would consider the impact of your lifestyle and your own views on your state of health and fitness, emotional wellbeing, impact of working environment and of course consider the condition of skin health.

If you desire a treatment plan then this will be discussed before any series of treatments commence and will always be mutually agreed. At each stage of your treatment plan your therapist will review progress with you so you can be sure that you will have regular consultations. Alternatively, if you choose to use aromatherapy to address specific concerns then we still recommend that you have an initial client consultation to enable your therapist to evaluate how best to serve your needs and tailor the products we use as part of one or more of your designate treatment options.