For many years I have suffered from outbreaks of psoriasis. These outbreaks have ranged from local patches, typically on elbows and knees to significant body coverage. For many years I have been prescribed steroid creams to combat the problem, however there have been long term side effects of this such as thinning and loss of elasticity to skin tissue.

I recently suffered yet another outbreak of psoriasis which was fairly severe and unsightly. Once again my GP offered another prescription of steroid cream. I decided at this point to look for an alternative method of addressing the complaint and refused to use steroid cream. Initially I took advice from a dermatological consultant who suggested ultraviolet light treatment, however the waiting list was trending 3 months before a treatment could commence.

I finally opted to try a holistic approach using essential oils and suffer no waiting list to commencing treatment. My therapist at A-RomaRose provided me a treatment plan immediately following a consultation. The results have been amazing. Within only 2 weeks of my treatment plan there were remarkable signs of improvement and after a month the outbreak of psoriasis had cleared up. Moreover, the treatment plan considered the need for replenishing moisture into my skin and reducing effects of scar tissue. I only wish that turning to alternative therapy had been my first choice of treatment many years ago rather than using steroid creams and suffering their side effects.

June Norton

Several months ago I had a road bike accident which resulted in a few cuts and bruises, but more seriously a high impact ‘thwack’ to my head.

After several weeks I noticed that the area on my head that had took the blow had developed a thumbnail sized patch of alopecia. This patch rapidly developed, at least 5cm in length, 3cm in width.  It had definitely reached the point of visiting the doctors to confirm my self diagnosis.  The doctor verified that I had developed alopecia and I was offered steroid cream.  Knowing that there are side effects with steroid creams I decided to take the route of holistic therapy to resolve the problem.

During my client consultation it was explained to me that a high impact blow to the head can cause scarring to the underlying hair follicles, which will result in a patch of alopecia.    I really did not believe that hair could be ‘shocked out of your system’.

I was offered a simple treatment plan, a hair tonic which contained a blend of essential oils, to be used daily, until after regrowth appeared and hair had thickened back to normal.  I began using this hair tonic in January and within 3 months my hair had regrown and thickened, leaving no sign whatsoever of the former patch of alopecia.  Amazing!

Stephen Phillips

As a close friend it was an honour to be invited to the launch event for June’s business, A-RomaRose. It was an excellent afternoon.  June provided us with a couple of aromatherapy demonstrations. Firstly, a back, shoulder & neck massage for one of June’s mother’s care team who suffers from back pain. June used a carrier oil and anti-inflammatory essential oils. Secondly, a facial using mineral clay with essential oils. Positive results were noticed; back pain eased and face was clearer.

June linked up with a family friend who had suffered with fibromyalgia for years via a Skype interview. June had provided advice about how aromatherapy could help with her chronic condition. Results were life changing; this lady is now free of debilitating pain and no longer a recluse. June gave me a sample of the same massage blend for my husband’s back trouble. Pain eased within minutes of applying the oils, he is now pain free.

I have always used natural remedies rather than reaching for the pills. This business is a lasting legacy to June’s mother, RomaRose, whom she has named the business after. RomaRose has always said that “Nature knows best”.

Joanne Bishop

Having suffered chronic pain for over seven years, trying everything the NHS has to offer, such as Tramadol, Morphine pain patches, Paracetamol etc. I began to think I would become housebound – fatigue was yet another major problem.

Then along came June with her wonderful oils and creams. I have so much energy; can climb stairs, walk to the paper shop, even make my own bed.  All seemingly simple things to the average person but denied to me until A-RomaRose treatments came in to my life.

Nature, and June, truly know best and I am looking forward to actually being able to hold my soon-to-be-born great-grandson.

Sylvia Byrne

For many years I suffered break-outs of a form of adult acne on my chin, which was unsightly and I was unwilling to face the world without wearing some sort of concealing make-up.  High street medications and beauty products did not help and when it started spreading further I decided it was time to do something different.   Aromatherapy was the answer I had been searching for!

June’s expertise in the benefits of nature’s own healing remedies and a custom facial regime using all-natural cleansing and moisturising products she creates herself has cleared my skin totally, leaving no blemishes.  I will never to return to purchasing commercial cosmetics.

Pauline Swain