My family medicine cabinet has been through a transformation…

If you thought that this post was about to list out a number of great recipes to treat common ailments using essential oils then you could not be farther from the truth!

There is no need to list out recipes, please just search on the internet as there are numerous sources of information providing ideas and advice about the home use of essential oils.

Instead, for a moment reflect on times gone by when there were no pharmacies on the local high street, the pharmaceutical industry had not been invented and the NHS did not exist. What did folks of ancient times turn to for their health and well-being?

Answer: Essential oils distilled from plant’s stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, bark or resins. Natural remedies for your health and well-being could originate from the transformation of your medicine cabinet. Take an inventory, what do you find? Did you stock up your medicine cabinet from ‘over the counter’ purchases or do you stock natural remedies?

My family medicine cabinet has been through a transformation. Once upon a time it was filled with prescription medications and pharmacy drugs, many of which had a number of unwanted side effects. These days it is stocked quite differently. There are a number of ‘must have’ essential oils: Tea Tree, Lavender, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Peppermint are never out of stock in my medicine cabinet they have so many every-day uses. Moreover, there are a numerous, natural ready-made remedies for use in treating common ailments: headaches, coughs & colds, bites & stings, minor burns and allergies. Recipes for every-day remedies are readily accessible on line. Just a word of caution though before you start making your own remedies: source essential oils and natural ingredients from authenticated sources. Oh, and one final thing … my transformed medicine cabinet transformation is so much more cost effective to keep stocked up!

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